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Monday, August 22, 2005

Religious and Theological Abstracts

Religious and Theological Abstracts

Provides objective summaries of articles appearing in scholarly journals in the fields of Religion and Theology. Database lists a wide variety of periodical literature, including Christian, Jewish, and other world religions, and provides English language abstracts of articles in English, Hebrew, Afrikaans, and major European languages. Indexes and abstracts articles in the fields of sociology, anthropology, criminology, demography, education, law and penology, race relations, social psychology, and urban studies. Coverage also includes policy issues in areas such as aging, violence, abuse and neglect, crisis intervention, urban development, and development policy.

This is a very basic database and as the title suggests, is abstracts only. Our SFX link-finder is not available either through this database so the best method is to record/print the citation information and do a "journal title" search in the library catalogue to find out if the University of Calgary has either print or electronic access. If the U of C does not have a copy of the required article, please use the U of C online request form to order the document.


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