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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Increase Your Publication Exposure: Add an article to D-space

Have you considered adding your publications, presentations, research and other academic work to the University of Calgary Institutional Repository? Did you know that the UofC repository is captured by Google Scholar and Scopus, thereby increasing the exposure of your work?

For more information about making your publications available, contact Shawna Sadler

An institutional repository (IR) is a digital collection of a university's intellectual output. Institutional repositories centralize, preserve, and make accessible the knowledge generated by academic institutions. They also form part of a larger global system of repositories, which are indexed in a standardized way and searchable using one interface, providing the foundation for a new model of scholarly publishing.

Goal of the Institutional Repository at the University of Calgary
Libraries and Cultural Resources and Information Technologies support research and teaching at the University and, in particular, preserve and make publicly available the University's record of scholarly information by populating it's Institutional Repository. Our repository will foster open access to the research output of the University and research across Southern Alberta. The repository, using a software package called DSpace, will provide for a variety of document types and file formats. The project team will provide the platform, advise on workflow and metadata requirements, and ensure long-term preservation and access to the materials.


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